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NS Blade SF Blade CP Blade Storage Blade
Disk Storage Blade
Drive Type Capacities Host Protocol Backplane
4x 2.5inch SFF 292 GByte max. (RAID-0)
219 GByte max. (RAID-5)
iSCSI Dual GbE Ethernet (Base)
Dual GbE Ethernet (Fabric)

개 요 Category : Storage Blade
Form Factor : 8U x 6HP ATCA single slot
Host Interface : Gigabit Ethernet
Technology : RAID0/5 Adtron™ ActiveRAID™ disk management
Capacity : Up to 292GBytes with RAID0; Up to 219GBytes with RAID5

Storage network support Using iSCSI over high speed GigE interface with the well-established SCSI command set permits the ability to manage data storage and retrieval with support for multiple hosts
Dual GigE Interface Shelf redundancy; redundant ports on the backplane provide two paths to the storage blade
ATCA form factor The de facto next generation Telecommunications platform
Adtron ActiveRAID Onboard management ensures Host CPU and applications are not impacted by RAID functions or blade failures
Enterprise-class 2.5-inch hard disk drives High performance and provides 100% duty cycles in RAID operations
Serviceability Removable front panel provides easy access to each individual drive in event of a drive failure
Disk level Hot Swap High reliability; the shelf continues to function until the impaired disk is replaced
Board level Hot Swap Out-of-service storage blade can be removed and replaced without impacting shelf operation

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